Friday, July 31, 2009

why don't you ever write

A: I have a lot going on
Q: SO do I, what's your point?

So I'm pretty sure I am bogged down more than most people, but I can't take the time out of my schedule to quantify that. Doesn't really excuse the fact that I don't write in any public space anywhere.

So here is a quick update

I use my desk as a writing pad.
I have taken on the duties of yet another colleague
When I leave for any vacation my inbox blooms like a fresh rose
Pondering the fact that there isn't a one to one relationship between a book and an ISBN in our catalog


GhostTrains said...

AWH! Spanks for writing snookums!

cynicjane said...


could you just bounce all the emails back to sender while you're gone?

Jason said...

better now.